Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Mein Mods Part 1: Plugins & Packages

I have mentioned before an interest in providing additional functionality my server, in order to help maintain it as well as giving players lots more content to play around with. But how will I accomplish this? What packages am I or the community interested in? What will be required before this can happen? What does this mean for players on the MeinKraft Online server? In this post, I hope to somewhat answer these questions.

First off, Craftbukkit build #1597 has been promoted to recommended status! This means we are now using Bukkit for the underlying Java file, which in turn means I can now start adding server plugins! Currently I am following these plugins:

I already have some of them installed, but not configured. (The configuration is the part that takes time and makes them actually useful!) Most are currently up-to-date, and more will surely follow this short list. But for those of you wondering; what is a plugin and what can they do? A Bukkit plugin is a mod that changes how the server behaves in order to make things easier for the admins/players, or to add a function that is not available to vanilla servers. Plugins cannot change core minecraft files, or add any new ones. Mostly, it can change how the server talks to the client, but it is surprising how many innovative ideas can spring from such a simple concept.

I perfer to roll my own suite of server tools, instead of installing a general all-in-one huge plugin package. Currently on the list is plugins that prevent players cheating, adds chat/help functionality, set player permissions for plugin use, adds ability to protect blocks, multiple world/dimension support, and a couple other miscellany. Of note are the Spout and MyHome plugins. The MyHome plugin will be available to all members of the community, and allows each player to bind a “home” to a certain point in-game. Players can then warp to that location using the /home command, and can also invite other players to warp to their home. In the future there will also be public warp points.

I will get more into the Spout plugin and Spoutcraft in my next posting. I also need to say what the Technic pack is all about. For now, I thought I'd at least get some more info out there ^_^

Until then, may you fulfill your responsibilities with dedication.


  1. It's been three months already, when ya gonna post "part 2" to this list of mods?

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  3. Indeed! When is part two coming? REDSTONE!

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