Monday, November 21, 2011

Pingdom monitoring

It truly is amazing just what one can do these days on the internet.  I am checking out lots of free services over the web that makes building an infrastructure easy.  One very useful tool I have come across is Pingdom, which is an online monitoring tool for a website or other server machine or service.  Basically, I pointed it to my Minecraft server, and now I get notified if something goes wrong!  You can check out the publicly published monthly report at the link above, or subscribe to my twitter feed @ElenduOnline for to-the-minute status update.  Well, a report is sent out 9 minutes after loss of contact, to be precise.  I may decrease the time sometime later (perhaps if I get a static IP address?)

Seems as though I have lots of powerful tools, including a website (, no less than two blogs :P  and a Facebook page.  The only thing this community is lacking so far is more members and content!  I do hope this takes off as a growing player community :)

We'll see once I start getting the final tweeks to the server and install the modifications.  Bukkit still has not released a stable release!  Sad.  If anyone has a suggestion or idea for any modifications or how to implement them, I would love to hear from you!  Email me, or you can join our forum discussions thread.

Until next time, may you enjoy learning new things. 

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